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Die kirchliche Jurisdiktion bezeichnet die Rechts- und Verwaltungshoheit eines Ordinarius in seiner Partikularkirche (Jurisdiktionsgebiet). Jurisdiktion, die. Grammatik Substantiv (Femininum) · Genitiv Singular: Jurisdiktion · Nominativ Plural: Jurisdiktionen. Aussprache. Many translated example sentences containing "Jurisdiktion" – English-German dictionary and search engine for English translations.

Jurisdiktion (Kirche)

[1] „Gemäß dem formalen Arrangement, das Hitler am darauffolgenden Tag bestätigte, sollten die von Rosenberg ernannten Reichskommissare die Jurisdiktion. Jurisdiktion, die. Grammatik Substantiv (Femininum) · Genitiv Singular: Jurisdiktion · Nominativ Plural: Jurisdiktionen. Aussprache. Itin die oberste Jurisdiktion der rømnischen Bi(chofe oder Pabste zu behaupten, beziehen sich die Ver. theidiger der. påb silichen Hoheit unter anderen auch.

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Bergoglio, FSSPX und die Jurisdiktion

Alle anderen Patriarchate oder Patriarchen sind titular. Wort und Unwort des Jahres in der Schweiz. Das Wort des Tages. Benjamin Blümchen Torte Schoko und Ziffern. According to the Supreme Court of the United Statesthe treaty power authorizes Congress to legislate under the Necessary and Proper Clause in areas beyond those specifically conferred on Congress Missouri v. An introduction to transnational criminal Drakemoon Best Case. Russian dictionaries. From the Hansard archive. Getrennt- und Zusammenschreibung. Translator tool. From the Cambridge English Corpus. What is the pronunciation of jurisdiction? Turkish dictionaries. Please Kinderspiele Handy improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. jurisdiction definition: 1. the authority of a court or official organization to make decisions and judgments: 2. the. Learn more. 11/17/ · The power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law.· The power or right to exercise authority.· The power or right to perform some action as part of applying the law. July 23, N. Rosenberg, “Nemish v. King, Walker and Union of National Employees (Public Service Alliance of Canada), FPSLREB 76”, in (Please provide the book. Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'Jurisdiktion' auf Duden online nachschlagen. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache.

Einige Street Fighter Ii Boni Jurisdiktion Freispiele oder nur einen kleinen. - Rechtschreibung

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Browse the dictionaries. Arabic dictionaries. Bulgarian dictionaries. Chinese dictionaries. Croatian dictionaries.

Czech dictionaries. Danish dictionaries. Dutch dictionaries. Elvish dictionaries. English dictionaries. Certain courts, particularly the United States Supreme Court and most state supreme courts , have discretionary jurisdiction , meaning that they can choose which cases to hear from among all the cases presented on appeal.

Such courts generally only choose to hear cases that would settle important and controversial points of law.

Though these courts have discretion to deny cases they otherwise could adjudicate, no court has the discretion to hear a case that falls outside of its subject matter jurisdiction.

It is also necessary to distinguish between original jurisdiction and appellate jurisdiction. A court of original jurisdiction has the power to hear cases as they are first initiated by a plaintiff , while a court of appellate jurisdiction may only hear an action after the court of original jurisdiction or a lower appellate court has heard the matter.

For example, in United States federal courts , the United States district courts have original jurisdiction over a number of different matters as mentioned above , and the United States court of appeals have appellate jurisdiction over matters appealed from the district courts.

Supreme Court, in turn, has appellate jurisdiction of a discretionary nature over the Courts of Appeals, as well as the state supreme courts, by means of writ of certiorari.

However, in a special class of cases, the U. Supreme Court has the power to exercise original jurisdiction.

As a practical example of court jurisdiction, as of Utah has five types of courts, each for different legal matters and different physical territories.

Seventy-one judges preside over District Courts, which deal with civil cases exceeding small claims limits, probate law, felony criminal cases, divorce and child custody cases, some small claims, and appeals from Justice Courts.

Twenty-eight judges handle Juvenile Court, which oversees most people under 18 years old who are accused of a crime, as well as cases of alleged child abuse or neglect; serious crimes committed by 16 or 17 year old persons may be referred to the District Courts.

The Supreme Court also oversees cases involving interpretation of the state Constitution, election matters, judicial conduct, and alleged misconduct by lawyers.

This example shows how matters arising in the same physical territory might be seen in different courts.

However, a second-degree felony arrest and a first-degree felony arrest in Orem would be under the jurisdiction of the District Court in Provo, Utah.

If both the minor traffic offense and the felony arrests resulted in guilty verdicts, the traffic conviction could be appealed to the District Court in Provo, while the second-degree felony appeal would be heard by the Appeals Court in Salt Lake City and the first-degree felony appeal would be heard by the Supreme Court.

Similarly for civil matters, a small claims case arising in Orem would probably be heard in the Orem Justice Court, while a divorce filed by an Orem resident would be heard by the District Court in Provo.

The above examples apply only to cases of Utah state law; any case under Federal jurisdiction would be handled by a different court system.

The word "jurisdiction" is also used, especially in informal writing, to refer to a state or political subdivision generally, or to its government, rather than to its legal authority.

In the history of English common law, a jurisdiction could be held as a form of property or more precisely an incorporeal hereditament called a franchise.

Traditional franchise jurisdictions of various powers were held by municipal corporations , religious houses , guilds , early universities , the Welsh Marches , and counties palatine.

Types of franchise courts included courts baron , courts leet , merchant courts , and the stannary courts that dealt with disputes involving the tin miners of Cornwall.

The original royal charters of the American colonies included broad grants of franchise jurisdiction along with other governmental powers to corporations or individuals, as did the charters for many other colonial companies such as the British East India Company and British South Africa Company.

Analogous jurisdiction existed in medieval times on the European Continent. Over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries, franchise jurisdictions were largely eliminated.

Several formerly important franchise courts were not officially abolished until Courts Act of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For an article on the use of jurisdiction to mean a state or country, see Jurisdiction area. Practical authority granted to a formally constituted legal body or to a political leader to deal with legal matters.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Advisory opinions Standing Ripeness Mootness Political questions.

Thefinancialsupport for these various projects was supplied by a mix of public and private universities, federal and state political jurisdictions, and private philanthropic foundations.

I do not mean merely that it has no jurisdiction to discipline them if they break the rule. So the defence demanded instead a reorientation of military jurisdiction , which during the monarchy had been seen as the 'people's hangman'.

In yet other cases, specialized jurisdictions, for example tax courts, are created to deal with particular competencies. Kings, not parliaments, had issued the charters on which their jurisdiction was based.

This veto power also applied to the subsequent decision to create permanent marketing boards under the government's jurisdiction.

The final chapter reviews developments in selected other jurisdictions and provides a draft of a parents' code. In some jurisdictions this may be seen as a necessary provision where there is total disregard of the law.

These arguments conspire to place virtue beyond the jurisdiction of the law. Collocations with jurisdiction. Click on a collocation to see more examples of it.

From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.

From Wikipedia. See all collocations with jurisdiction. Translations of jurisdiction in Chinese Traditional.

Jurisdiktion extraterritoriale Jurisdiktion und Auslieferung für den Straftatbestand des Menschenhandels, extraterritorial jurisdiction and extradition for the crime of trafficking in human beings, Es ist demnach überhaupt nicht wahr, dass wir unsere Rechte in Bezug auf die Jurisdiktion abgetreten haben. jurisdiction definition: 1. the authority of a court or official organization to make decisions and judgments: 2. the. Learn more. Jurisdiction (from Latin juris 'law' + dictio 'declaration') is the practical authority granted to a legal body to administer justice, as defined by the kind of case, and the location of the issue (its situs). ju·ris·dic·tion (jo͝or′ĭs-dĭk′shən) n. 1. Law The right of a court to hear a particular case, based on the scope of its authority over the type of case and the. Alle anderen Richter sind nebenamtlich tätig und kommen regelmäßig alle drei Monate zu ordentlichen Sitzungen zusammen. Bislang haben 26 afrikanische Staaten die Jurisdiktion des Gerichtshofs anerkannt, davon 5 Staaten, Mali, Malawi, Tansania, Burkina Faso und Ghana, auch das Instrument der Individualbeschwerde. (lat.: iudicare, bzw. ius dicere „Recht sprechen“) bezeichnet: die rechtsprechende Gewalt, siehe Judikative. den Bereich der örtlichen oder sachlichen Zuständigkeit einer staatlichen Behörde oder eines Gerichts. Die kirchliche Jurisdiktion bezeichnet die Rechts- und Verwaltungshoheit eines Ordinarius in seiner Partikularkirche. Die kirchliche Jurisdiktion bezeichnet die Rechts- und Verwaltungshoheit eines Ordinarius in seiner Partikularkirche (Jurisdiktionsgebiet). Jurisdiktion, die. Grammatik Substantiv (Femininum) · Genitiv Singular: Jurisdiktion · Nominativ Plural: Jurisdiktionen. Aussprache.


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